Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Comic testing.

So far it is only a test in 4 sides black and white. Derren Grathy have corrected the text and made some improvements. I have not decidedly how to make drawing style layout and so. This pages may be suitable to reed on computers or surfboard.
Please tell me about how its look.

First I’m was afraid its haw been to much text. And to much sides before the fucking. Its may become boring. But there is an idea to make up the settings for this "world".
To only make a sex cartoon is not the only cause I make this. And maybe a long "foreplay" makes it better in some way.

But it would be better to make it in color. 
First I was afraid it would take to much time to colour, but after some tests it seams to be easy.
The first intention was a BW line art "manga" style but it may be "clear line" color style.

Rurika colours. Not sure which hair colour. First I made it lilac
but changed it into light blonde. Or maybe brown?

And a colour version of Sasira, ten years later.

A line art VIP.

Comets are welcome.


  1. Wops! I see one bubble missing on page 3 at picture no. 2.

  2. I like the line art VIP (with the goat-like creature). But what is his other hand doing behind her? Couldn't it be fondling a breast or stroking her pussy?

    Also, Rurika as blonde looks good.