Sunday, May 28, 2017


Hi friends. I have a appeal for help and a report of some progress.
The BB3 movie proceeds. I make more animations and the render is slowly as usual. Most due to sub polygon displacement + sub surface scratching.
But its necessary to use this feature for getting the right quality.

Now I haw get in a problem with the movie. Its needs dialogue. Not much dialog but two female voices.  One voice may me changed two another so maybe one female voice. Can someone help me with that? ,or do somebody know there to get it? If I are forced to use synthetic voice its must be incredible natural.

The comics is the part I have make the largest effort on.  

For the game I have make some more pictures and rule scripts.
This cards is an experiment.

I'm grateful for your comments and help.

There are an Besteal Breed story at Orc dominion.
Derren Grathy have a new book.