Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A new world of ....?

Here is some news. I intend to make a BB3 movie but I will not say how long time it will take. During the work with the last movie I had some technical difficulties how delayed me allot. Then it was as worst I felled for giving it up. But its is solved now. During some time I also had a "life" that stopped me from work, but this is now solved to.
There are lots of good ideas and inspiration for the new movie. But before starting I have another project. First I want to make a lots of characters and creatures and make a little pervert "Monster manual" and some description of the world.  I think the name of it "The World Of Lovecraft" is not good. I need some help with the language for this work.

The work to improve the poser stuff and fit it for cinema 4D proceeds. Here some WIP orcs and a city. 

A WIP map of the world.

And a WIP orc boner. This thing is my practice object for the new features in C4D.