Monday, December 21, 2009

Big Mino

Tentackle problems

Worm love.

Some renders.

Bestial breed 1.2. Beastmen

In some part a remake of my original “bestmen” movie.

Bestial breed 1.1.Tentacular.

Here are my movies. For download here I have convert them to mov format and the quality is not that of the original but acceptable.

Bestial breed 1.1.Tentacular.
Animated gif,s works not at this blog!

Test of animated gif.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

I’m making a series of short movies in this style. At the moment there is two parts.
They are for free. You can give them away but not sell them.
Bestial breed 1.1 Tentakular and Bestial breed 1.2 Beastmen.
I had them for free download on different free file share sites but they use to disappear quickly. The best solution is to have the movies here on my blog. I will soon have some sort of links to them.

Welcome to my new blog. At this site I’m go to publicise my 3d art, comments and links about monster hentai. English is not my native language so have patience with errors in my texts.

My renders takes place in a fantasy world filled with al kind of monsters, beastmen and demons. Monsters are only male. For procreation they have to impregnate females of humans or elves. Some monsters use psionic manipulation or aphrodisiac pheromones to get there victims but the most monsters are rough rapist. Some kinds of monsters hold woman as breeding slaves. There are also few woman how have a “perverted” attraction to the abominable monsters and happily give birth to there disgusting offspring.

If you want share this you are welcome here.

New picture test.