Tuesday, February 3, 2015

More pictures.



(This is a creature from the Roman myths.)

To fuck is the same ass eat pussy.

Giant Spider. The handsome lover.


"I was here before you! No, wait for your turn. Smash!"


Green Ooze. 

Hoglorytes. The piggish male.


Medusoid. Love is in the air.


Ogre. More balls than brain, literally.

Orks. Trades for breeding slaves.

Parasite fly. Its lays eggs in the victims womb.
This is probably a parasitic animal, not a real monster.

Rammer. Its unclear watt body part its name aims att.
And the girl, she failed her sneak roll.

Satyr. The most charming and polite of monsters.
And a fantastic lover according to rumours.

Saurischian. Cool blooded reptiles.
Wut are you doing in our treasury chamber, honey?

Sky apes. Winged and horny.




Tentacle Monster.
Its growth infiltrating the sewer system.


Troll. Not only at the internet.

Vermin. Breeds as vermin.
A fuck gives you the crib full of wonderful babies.

A humanoid wolf how sometimes can turn into a man.
Which men are really a wolf in disguise?

and resulting egg laying.


A treasure waiting for be found.

Moon ellipses are magical boost for all fertility.

An alchemical laboratory.
Can be used for the good, to heal and to boost fertility.
Or it can be used for the evil, to make
contraception and other poisons.

Rune carvings

The secret meeting of egg and spam. 

Monster in mating with there loved ones.
Stone carving from a temple.

A dungeon.

Fertile field.
A Gnoll sows its oats in fertile soil.

Mating X-section.

Birth of Hoglets.

A Beast lord mounts an elf woman.
The offspring probably becomes ordinary Beastmen.

That's its it. And watt would I do next?

Monday, February 2, 2015


Here are a bunch of pictures from the work with the BB Monster Bestiary.
In the Bestiary pictures was in low resolution and was often croped. And some pictures was leave out and is first time showed here. Most of them is posted here but some of the filers is not good eunuch for high resolution.

The life as a beast mom is indeed trial of 
patience and tired out but is newer boring.

A model of the world Urdea.

An idol of the Orks god of war and rape.

Castel Rubra. 
The fort hold by fanatical monster hating knights.

A shrine to the goddesses Fercunditas. 
The Beast Men use to sacrifice there spunk in the urne.

Ursula. Dark Elf, Priest.
Dedita. Human, thief.
Shasira. Human adventurer.
Kirin. Elf princesses.
Lina. Human ranger.
Roxana. Elf fighter.
Alora. Human fighter.
Yumiko. Human adventurer.
Sabrina. Elf sorceress.

Map of the world Urdea.

Monster coks. 
Can you indentifying them?

Monster babies. 
They are so cute!

Kirin gets monkey spunk.

Kirin gets the Beastmen's spunk.

Kirin gets the Gnolls spunk.

Kirin at home with her monster spawn brood.

Typical beast breeder. 
Beast Breeders use fast to become wasted from there many 
pregnancies, births and continues breastfeeding. 
Ruhita in the picture is 26 years old.

Ork nest in the big desert. 
Original built by desert elves.

An shrine to the fertility.

The stork is busy all the time.


His many mouths can talk girls to give him watt he wants from them.

They may be stinking retards but they are multiply like rabbits.

Beast lord. 
An unusual smart and powerful Beastman.

Big Brute.

Bugheg. Its lurks in the soil.

The Carrion Grub 
have bad taste for food but good taste for women.
And it makes lots of cute little babies in there wombs.

They may have a good life far in the deep.


A female Centipus penetrates through Ursulas panties 
with its ovipositor and lays lots of eggs in her womb. 
And after that, the Male Centipus put in its penis and 
fertilises the eggs with his sperm.
In this case there are females. The Centipus is probably 
not a real monster but an parasitic animal.

A master in mind control.

The misunderstood lover.

Here with his happy family.

You newer see its come.

The king of monsters.

Soon more pictures.