Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Moral panic, again.

Hi! People have ask me for the downloads of the BB movies. But my MEGA account is closed for breaking the rules.
I complained an got this answer.

"Your account was suspended due to a breach of Mega's Terms of Service including clause 13.5.  - abuse of rights of others and sharing of illegal images.
You will not be able to regain access to your data, re-register with your email address or appeal this decision.
Your account has been closed for breaching Mega's Terms of Service 13.5.4
This is because material imported into your account has been shared publicly by some users and has been identified as illegal and highly objectionable."

Illegal no! Its my material, no copyright issues. no obvious underage characters, no real people or beasts at all. So I guess its the "highly objectionable" moralistic police how seek to save humanity from pure fantasies. If is it far right christian fundamentalists or far left SJW dos not mater. Censure is censure and fictional characters dos needs rights. 

Do some one know were I can make the movies downloadable again? 
I'm grateful for help.

I have proceed the movie renders, done more on the game an drawn lots more on the comics.