Friday, February 9, 2018


Thanks for your input.

One more WIP. The Chaos Monkey.

A part of the map with “legend” symbols and letters.

Work with the comics in Manga Studio.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

WIP. Comments Wanted.

Hi folks.
Things are proceeding. The game (beta) is the most developed part. 
The comic also proceeds. The movie haw not proceed much.
There are also lots of monster WIP. renders. 
Here are some of them I want feedback for.

Some early WIP monsters.
1. Monkey Kong. Some better name is desirable.
2. Scorpio.
3. Spell Flicker. An D&D monster pastiche.
4. Zeron. Amducias.
5. Azellot.
6. Bloboth. The Trans dimensional slimer.
7.Bullyfrog. An D&D monster pastiche.
8. Lurker.

Stuff and Treasures WIP.
There are lots of precious stuff to be find in the game world. 
Among other things an enchanted armour bikini top. 
Its gives same protection as an ordinary armour. 
And its protects from cold whether and burning sun.
An magic pubis ring "An ring to fuck them all".
And lots of more.
Anny ideas for sexual magic artefacts? (And spells?).

Seeker WIP.
Something is wrong this picture. I'm not sure what it is.

Cock Roaches WIP
This is better but needs something more.

And at last a carp picture as a trap for bots from porn sites 
how downloads random pictures. 
I have no thing against they are using my pictures then its for free. 
But I use to post crapy wip. pictures for get some feedback. 
And they downloads that pictures and post it as my work of art. 
I guess no human is involved.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Change in video resolution.

Hi friends.
I newly solved some technical problems. Its give me one new computer for render.
And its makes my renders faster so
I think to make use of that for making the movie better through increased
resolution and frame rate.
In the past BB movies I used 640 x 480 resolution and 25 frames/s.
A higher resolution gives bigger image how looks better then its scale up on screen. 
And higher frame rate gives more smooth motions.

The old BB movies are  640x480 25 f/s
In same 4:3 ratio is...
SVGA 800x600 30f/s
XGA 1024x768 30f/s

There are more wide screen High Definition videos popular on YouTube.
As the HD 1280x720 29.97 f/s
The HD vide screen is different proportion than I use before.
If I use it I must change the camera positions.
And the even bigger true HDTV may make the renders to slow
even for the new computer.

I probably chose XGA 1024x768 30f/s. If there are someone having knowledge about this I'm glad to hear advises.
The need for voices for the animation comes nearer.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Bestiarium 1. PDF.

The work progress faster than before but there are also more things for the game than I realised earlier.

I have learned how to make PDF files. The old Bestiarium is now available as PDF.
Download the Bestiarium 1. PDF in ZIP here.
How dos it work?

The Skreel.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Back to Unreality.

Hi! Now haw I more free time again. So I'm back in unreality.
Lots have been done on the game. The rules for the magic system is mostly finished.
Its mostly an conventional system with spell lists and the magician clichés as classes. 
Suggestion for spells are welcome.

Not much more have I done with the movie but the work with the comics proceed.
I have done sketches for a big missing part in the plot and have drawn some more sides.

I also proceeds to update old pictures. 
My skills in texturing and light may have improved since the last renders.

And there are also new monsters.
To day there are 121 monsters. Here a new weird one inspired by a D&D monster.

A few new heroines have been added. Minona the barbarian women is the latest. 
Is the name ok? Or is there any better suggestion?

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Valerian and Laureline.

My top one favourite comics is Valerian and Laureline. 
Valerian & Laureline is draw by Jean-Claude Mézières.  
Here are one of Mézières drawings of Laureline.  
Too bad the scene was not included in the movie Valerian.

And I found this rules for the D20 system.

Thursday, August 24, 2017


There are again more to do in IRL that takes time from creating content. 
But small progress is done in the comics and the game.

Upgrade of the old Satyr illustration.

Dungeon map. Two views in parallel projection.

There are some part of the game there I haw hard to make decisions. 
In this I would be glad to have input. Is this idea ok, or it is stupid?

The calendar may be of importance for the game. So the cosmology, calendar and rules must fit together. 
And that may create mystic connections between the celestial spheres, time and fertility.

The astrolabe calendar keeps account on the time. In Urdea one moth is 5 weeks or 30 days. 
One week is 6 days. 
And the year is 12 months or 360 days. The day is 24 h.
On the astrolabe the moon circle will turn independently from the solar day circle. 
The speed of the moon is faster near the dark phase.

There are also markings for moon lunar eclipse and sun eclipse. 
Lunar eclipse occurs one every year and sun eclipse one every twelve year.
One week is the fertile one (ovulation). The basic chance for impregnation are 30%, 
if there are living sperms in the womb this week.