Thursday, January 28, 2016

Comic progress report.

Hi again. Here are some updates due to suggestions.

First side in colour.

There was a suggestion to draw the clothes in more medieval style (not so modern).
I have not find any making it easy to accentuate female sexual attributes using old 
clothing but its may be possible to make some kind of pseudo medieval clothing. 
Suggestions are welcome.

Line art. Improved due to suggestions by Sirrender.

Line art kiss.


Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Comic testing.

So far it is only a test in 4 sides black and white. Derren Grathy have corrected the text and made some improvements. I have not decidedly how to make drawing style layout and so. This pages may be suitable to reed on computers or surfboard.
Please tell me about how its look.

First I’m was afraid its haw been to much text. And to much sides before the fucking. Its may become boring. But there is an idea to make up the settings for this "world".
To only make a sex cartoon is not the only cause I make this. And maybe a long "foreplay" makes it better in some way.

But it would be better to make it in color. 
First I was afraid it would take to much time to colour, but after some tests it seams to be easy.
The first intention was a BW line art "manga" style but it may be "clear line" color style.

Rurika colours. Not sure which hair colour. First I made it lilac
but changed it into light blonde. Or maybe brown?

And a colour version of Sasira, ten years later.

A line art VIP.

Comets are welcome.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Merry X-mass.

Thanks fore the help. Here are a new render. The background is a free photo from Wikipedia.

The "Drako" riders, is a order of strong female warriors. They have strongholds at tops of steep mountains. And they breed there own mounts and various monster underlings. Comments are welcome.

To the  X-mass I will be away but I have my portable drawing screen so I can work with the commix.  I will need help with the English text for the balloons in the commix. Grateful for a helper.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

More WIP.

Some new monster WIP. Comments are welcome.

3.?? Proposal.
6.Skum Beast
7.Horror Beast
8.Ivisibel raper
9.Yelly Pudding

An movie found here

Friday, November 6, 2015

New WIPs.

Some new WIPs. Feedback are welcome.
The first two sides in the BB comic. Later I will need help with the text.

An exercise in Manga Studio and use of colours.

More monsters. The Yeti.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Free C4d Troll.

My Troll for Cinema 4d is now for free. 
Its a rigged biped figure. Its textured and have some morphs, but no controls. The troll also has a PENIS and a tongue as separate parts.    
Total26718 polygons. Its my first advanced character and I know its lots of things are not good.
Its made in Cinema 4d. R14 Studio. You need R14 or newer Studio version of C4d for using this.
You can give this for free or post it for free on the internet. You can NOT sell it.
If you makes any improvements, pleace I will be happy to get it.

Warning Rastakax Adult Troll contains adult body parts.
File 91.1Mb ZIP.




Sunday, October 11, 2015

Progress report.

God morning friends. Thanks for your suggestions. For the moment I not plan to make money on my work.
I appreciate you think its worth it. But by time to do this is intermittent and I hate deadlines. Of course I have some expense. As the drawing screen I newly have buy.
Here is some more WIP.s. Constructive critique and suggestions are welcome.

I got the Baryolax figure from DAZ.

The Tetradactylus fuck with an internal tongue/penis. Not indented as "vore".

There are several more poser figures how can be fine monsters. 
Here are some.
8.Oni­­ ?
10.Hive breeder? Better suggestions?

The commix proceeds. I have got an excellent portable Wacom drawing screen 
and the Manga studio software. This makes its lots more easy.

The new incarnation of the monster mother. Lesser cat like? 
I have to work more with her face. 
Text will be added then its come to place in a comic.

A character provisory named Rurika. 
Have you a better idea for her name?