Saturday, May 2, 2015


A vip map of central Urmi.

Saturday, April 25, 2015


Here are one sketch from my training for a future comic project. Constructive critique are welcome. 

I also have an announcement.
I have started to make the animations for the BB3 movie.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Studiofow have the best animations in this genre.
If I understand it right the make there animations as "machinima" from game content.
From Studiofow

 Look at there site.

The hot minotaur animation can be downloaded here
Also look here

Another fine site with nice animations is here.

Monday, March 30, 2015

New post.

Hi friends.
Then I after long time opened my mail I literary get a chock.
In a mail Google said they was to end all dirty blogs. But there was a newer message there they draw back that decision.

I do not understand the purpose of the first decision.
Maybe  for making the blogs more accessible for people in GB, north Korea and IS. 
Or a campaign from conservative religious fanatics. But the counter strike from the bloggers was successful.
Derren Grathy have made a fine contribution to stop the madness.

So I hope I can continue to run this blog.
What have happened since last post? It has not been much time for 3d, blogging and reading stuff on internet, but there is some tings to reports.

The dictatorship in China thinks I'm a treat to there power.

How ever I find much good things. As nice pictures on Hentai Foundry and this story on Impregnation Erotica.

On Vanishing point I find some nice free DnD monsters for Poser.
Here I have made a render with one of the figures.
So to my Ideas about future works.
I have lots of ideas but not time for them all.

First I must refresh the blog site. Make new links and delete dead links and so one. 
But is boring so I wait a little time more.

I proceed to develops my "world" with new monsters, maps and so on. In some time there would be an supplement to the Bestiary.

Elsa Erazer wrote in a comment  "Love it. Now someone needs to make an kickass rpg from it. ;)" 
I to should like to see it. Maybe some supplemental rules to some existing system. If a RPG will focus on the core in "Bestial Breed" the basic rules shoud be simpel and fast as Tristat dX, or Savage Worlds. D20 may be to time consuming.
Indeed I want stats for my heroines and monsters. But who should play it? 
I also want to make a 2D comic. Here are a sketch. I think I not god enough to draw it as 
I want to make it. But I can use some of the render time to train my drawing skill.

And I have started to make preparations for a Bestial Breed 3 movie. I have a temporally script and have sett up some scenes in C4d.
It will involves the centaur, a cyclop an some more monster.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

More pictures.



(This is a creature from the Roman myths.)

To fuck is the same ass eat pussy.

Giant Spider. The handsome lover.


"I was here before you! No, wait for your turn. Smash!"

Green Ooze. 

Hoglorytes. The piggish male.


Medusoid. Love is in the air.


Ogre. More balls than brain, literally.

Orks. Trades for breeding slaves.

Parasite fly. Its lays eggs in the victims womb.
This is probably a parasitic animal, not a real monster.

Rammer. Its unclear watt body part its name aims att.
And the girl, she failed her sneak roll.

Satyr. The most charming and polite of monsters.
And a fantastic lover according to rumours.

Saurischian. Cool blooded reptiles.
Wut are you doing in our treasury chamber, honey?

Sky apes. Winged and horny.




Tentacle Monster.
Its growth infiltrating the sewer system.


Troll. Not only at the internet.

Vermin. Breeds as vermin.
A fuck gives you the crib full of wonderful babies.

A humanoid wolf how sometimes can turn into a man.
Which men are really a wolf in disguise?

and resulting egg laying.


A treasure waiting for be found.

Moon ellipses are magical boost for all fertility.

An alchemical laboratory.
Can be used for the good, to heal and to boost fertility.
Or it can be used for the evil, to make
contraception and other poisons.

Rune carvings

The secret meeting of egg and spam. 

Monster in mating with there loved ones.
Stone carving from a temple.

A dungeon.

Fertile field.
A Gnoll sows its oats in fertile soil.

Mating X-section.

Birth of Hoglets.

A Beast lord mounts an elf woman.
The offspring probably becomes ordinary Beastmen.

That's its it. And watt would I do next?