Wednesday, July 4, 2018

The current state of slow progress.

The movie are making some progress.
I discovered how to make the skin of the centaur lustrous as a horse skin. 
So I haw to rerender that some parts again.
The comic have also make progress. To the first birth. According to my 
original manuscript its had already reach the end but new ideas 
haw stretch the story.

Drakonians, the current state of.

If you are into Poser or DS. this site with new content may be interesting.

For preg fans this may be good.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Beauties & Dragons

Hi! Here are some progress and concerns about names. I seek to use mythological names. 
But the mythologies are not clear. Its may be in there nature. 
Maybe I would take the naming from D&D. Suggestions and constructive critics are welcome.

Draconian monsters is a subclass of reptilians. Im not sure how to name some of them.
1. Dragon.
2. Wyrm or whyrm? A winged snake. but its may also be named Amphiptere.
Some myths may refer to a wyrm as a wingless snake. Thuts right?
3. Wyvern as a dragon but only two legs and a scorpion tail.
4. Lindwurm a large snake with two legs.
5. Qasi dragon. Wingless four legged reptile. Creature like this have been called drake.
6. Drake. May be named quasi dragon or pseudo dragon?
7. Hydra the multi headed beast.
8. Sea dragon or sea bull­?
9. Draco. A domestic dragon like monster used by "dragon" rider woman warriors.

Kobolds. Nasty small reptilian humanoids living in old mines.

Progress WIP of the Beast Lord breeding harem picture.

Some samples from the comics.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Snake Monsters or Monster Snakes.

Some more WIPs. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Boa snake monster. Suggestions for name?

Hypnno Python.

Jigler the head fucker. The sperm comes threw the nostrils.
Its bite contains a powerful aphrodisiac.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

WIP in Progress.

The animations goes forward.
I haw lots of new things. Here are some new but not finished stuff.

A Map of the world Urdea.

Statues (idols) of deities from left.
Bamog, ork god. Sand stone.
Onuva, The Mother of Monsters. Gold plated bronze.
Ferkunditas. Common rural shrine idol. Granite.
Ferkunditas. Rare statuette from the Andusidian era. Obsidian.
Ferkunditas. Beast men idol. Wood.
Ferkunditas. Craft from the Zelon empire. Marble.

Beast lord Breeding Harem.

Drawing from the making of the comics.
Comments are welcome.

Friday, February 9, 2018


Thanks for your input.

One more WIP. The Chaos Monkey.

A part of the map with “legend” symbols and letters.

Work with the comics in Manga Studio.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

WIP. Comments Wanted.

Hi folks.
Things are proceeding. The game (beta) is the most developed part. 
The comic also proceeds. The movie haw not proceed much.
There are also lots of monster WIP. renders. 
Here are some of them I want feedback for.

Some early WIP monsters.
1. Monkey Kong. Some better name is desirable.
2. Scorpio.
3. Spell Flicker. An D&D monster pastiche.
4. Zeron. Amducias.
5. Azellot.
6. Bloboth. The Trans dimensional slimer.
7.Bullyfrog. An D&D monster pastiche.
8. Lurker.

Stuff and Treasures WIP.
There are lots of precious stuff to be find in the game world. 
Among other things an enchanted armour bikini top. 
Its gives same protection as an ordinary armour. 
And its protects from cold whether and burning sun.
An magic pubis ring "An ring to fuck them all".
And lots of more.
Anny ideas for sexual magic artefacts? (And spells?).

Seeker WIP.
Something is wrong this picture. I'm not sure what it is.

Cock Roaches WIP
This is better but needs something more.

And at last a carp picture as a trap for bots from porn sites 
how downloads random pictures. 
I have no thing against they are using my pictures then its for free. 
But I use to post crapy wip. pictures for get some feedback. 
And they downloads that pictures and post it as my work of art. 
I guess no human is involved.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Change in video resolution.

Hi friends.
I newly solved some technical problems. Its give me one new computer for render.
And its makes my renders faster so
I think to make use of that for making the movie better through increased
resolution and frame rate.
In the past BB movies I used 640 x 480 resolution and 25 frames/s.
A higher resolution gives bigger image how looks better then its scale up on screen. 
And higher frame rate gives more smooth motions.

The old BB movies are  640x480 25 f/s
In same 4:3 ratio is...
SVGA 800x600 30f/s
XGA 1024x768 30f/s

There are more wide screen High Definition videos popular on YouTube.
As the HD 1280x720 29.97 f/s
The HD vide screen is different proportion than I use before.
If I use it I must change the camera positions.
And the even bigger true HDTV may make the renders to slow
even for the new computer.

I probably chose XGA 1024x768 30f/s. If there are someone having knowledge about this I'm glad to hear advises.
The need for voices for the animation comes nearer.