Sunday, June 20, 2010

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The characters.

1. Shasira known from BB1. Human treasure hunter, ruin explorer. From her last experience she fell horny to obnoxious monsters and feel emptiness from her womb.
2. Ruenalis. Elven warrior. Have sworn to get the world free of monsters. Butt she is not as strong as she think.
3. Princess Aiunia. Elven princess. Pure, virgin and innocence.
4. The Minotaur. Huge, horny and brutal. A Minotaur must not need to rape every time hence they secrete a musk which is an aphrodisiac for some females.
5. The Demonoid. Not real evil but rater more brutal then sensible.
6. The Parasite fly. An insectoid laying its eggs in females.
7. The Sagitaur. A forest centaur. It’s always horny and has a huge horse cock.
8. The Satyr. A psionic seducer.
9. Tentacle monsters. Various kinds exist.
10. The Ogre. Huge, Hug balls little brain. Is brutal, stupid and hungry for sex.
11. The Dracul. Use to grab a female and fly her to his nest and rape her until she got pregnant.
12. The Troll. Trolls lives in caves and held females as breeding slaves.
13. The Werewolf. The full moon rapist. May be human but no one knows for sure.
14. The Carrion grub. These disgusting wormy things secrete a musk which is a strong aphrodisiac for fertile females.
15. The Beast men. Not at the picture. The head is often similar a goat. They have horns, fur and penises how use to be similar to various animals.

Friday, June 11, 2010

The next movie?

I have some thoughts about next movie, Bestial breed 2. This including new female characters and new monsters. Its in the same world as BB1. I also think on what can be learn from BB1.
What was good and what was bad? I think I must be better in to the sounds.