Friday, May 4, 2012

Report of nothing.

Not much news. I have made a new update to C4D R13 and get new problems with Ipp and back comp ability. I play Skyrim and have other things to do at the moment but I will proceed then the problems is solved. 


  1. wow it looks like PS3 graphics

  2. A news! The technical problems are solved. Its renders again.
    But there still are a problem with some shaders how had change in new cinema.
    One of the new materials is darker than that render in the first. I have to re render some of the old stuff.

  3. Always happy to see any update from you. I know you don't make any money from this, but I am SO looking forward to seeing this new series created. Some of those creatures (the frost troll, the giant spider, the slimy thing at the bottom-right) look great.

  4. It is from Skyrim. PC version.

  5. Hi Rasta, is this collage from a PC game? I can't understand, it looks very exciting!
    I love your obssesions ^+^

  6. Hi ,
    i was wondering what mode for skyrim it is ,could you send me some info about that mode you're useing on those pictures above ?

    What sort of modes (names and url's if possible) you're useing here in this post "Report of nothing" and in post called "Some questions".