Thursday, November 24, 2011

Violated heroine.

Help wanted.



First a report. The renders seems to work good. But there is little time for render because most of my computer time goes to play Skyrim. 

But I have a second computer, not good for rendering scenes with lots of hair, and not good for play modern games. I think I could use that pc for play old hentai game, and hopefully make more time to render at the new pc.

One game how seems relevant for my interest is Violated heroine for RPG-maker. Its includes fantasy, monsters, pregnancy and lots more. The problem is the game is hard to install correctly. I don't get it. Its seems to be much problems. There is lots of versions, instructions at the net. There is lots of info but so much I can not desire watt how is relevant? Lots of texts for the downloads and installation is in Japanese.

Is there anybody out there how has it and can help me with instructions. How to install vh and rpg-maker? Which versions? Were to download? Which patches is needed? Were to change? 


Misc. the old monster forum at aniob, is back,


  1. did you set your Regional and Language Options to Japanese
    did you get Japanese RPG Maker 2000 RTP
    did you did all of this before downloaded and installing the game
    this is important as the game can only read Japanese and not $^&%*$@$. this happens when it tries to save the files with out the right language

  2. Hi,

    nice to hear from you, and thanks for the hint. I hadn't been aware that anonib is back in business.


  3. I have put my computer in Japanese language mode.
    I have installed RPG maker and I have installed this version of VH.
    Its dos not work.
    I need the complete idiots guide to VH.

  4. can someone tell me where I can get a copy of this game please?


  6. I found a fairly detailed set of instructions with lots of downloads and links while I was reading about the game:
    I didn't try any of it, but it seems decent.

  7. Have not been able to make it work, but have not try everything so far. Some new things.

  8. Now the vh works but only the Japanese version.

  9. Now most of the gingrich also works.
    Do not ask me how but I changed some files.
    Its a fine game even if the graphics is crappy.
    Do someone know how to pot clothing on and of in vh?

  10. Выйти в меню (клавишей z), далее пункт ITEM, в нем можно менять одежду, надевать доспехи, обувь и т.д. Но если показатель purity высокий, то Нанако не будет ходить голой.

  11. The problem in VH remains but thanks avtovoz.
    The clothing is no highlighted so I can not point them.
    There also are some of the original H animations how not work.
    But the game is despite this, incredible cool. Wish someone would make a new version with better graphics and newer game engine.

    And the game works as I though. I have made much new render at my main computer.

  12. I have herd there are an old vh doujinshi.
    Do someone have a copy?

  13. VH is pretty tricky to get working. You need the correct RTP, you need ATLAS, you need AGTH, you need to get the VH Diary Image Translation, the RPGTrans program to install the English patches, you need to have japanese unicode, ect.
    The game is is being developed by an underground group of people so there's absolutely no chance for a 'new' version on a diff engine with better graphics. It is what it is.