Sunday, October 23, 2011

Problem solved. maybe.

 Now I have a complete new computer doubled processor speed and double memory.
In the first test the old problems remains.
But after transplanting (copy pasta) the content of the file in to a new file it final worked.
Something in the files involving hair, seems to get damage then I updated to C4R12. But it seems as I can repair it. I hope I soon car start render again.
I have thought a lot about the minotaur scene. I wonder if the minotaur is to tiny.
Watt do you think?
Here are a picture with the actual sizes.


  1. Hey, sounds like some good news, finally!


    I don't know, if the Minotaur needs to be any bigger, really. There will be other creatures, surely, and I like some variation. As long (!!!) as he's well equipped with a big(er) dick to stuff the heroine's cunny, he'll do the trick for me...


  2. I mostly agree with JCD. I think you should make it as you think it would be best, making him bigger wouldn't make it wrong to say the least, but I think hes of a reasonable heigt!
    BTW glad to hear your back and running again :)

  3. I have all ready some animation ready from this figures. I use them, not begin from the start. Its already to much delayed.

  4. Glad to hear you're back up and running. Always happy to see any new scene or image from this. I don't know what you have planned for each creature, but size is not the only thing. For example, can he fill her multiple times?

  5. Yes I have a plan or sort of script.
    Multiple times was in original but I have to skip some parts for not making in to long.
    Its not clear now how I make it in to the end.

  6. Whatever you decide, I'm sure it will be great.

  7. Don't throw away your old computer, mind, Rastakax. It may be possible to put it to work rendering part of the movie, like a mini renderfarm.

  8. Hi Rastakax,
    I was impressed by your work (for a solo production it is quite decent !). I hope you will produce more animation, it's so bad that your heroine has fallen pregnant only once...