Sunday, December 18, 2016

Hi and merry X-mas.

The work progress slowly, much from IRL distractions.

In the Bestial Breed 3 movie I still struggling with technical problems.
The scene with the Cyclope is a long time obstruction.
Here are a teaser.

The hair on his body do not move as I want. I heaved tried all kinds of hair settings without making it better. It devastating or are I'm only to finicky?

There are lots of more 3D monsters half finished.

The game rule system are under test and constant modification.
Then its more developed I will post a VIP file for your feedback.

The comic proceeds also. But I want it to be quite long, so it will take some time.
Maybe to the summer but depends most on IRL.


  1. And a merry Xmas to you too!
    I hope you're enjoying the festive season
    Good to see how things are going but sorry to hear you're having tech issues.
    The monsters look amazing! some of them are downright horrific! Keep up the good work and thank you for the update

  2. Happy X-mas. This update is a nice present :D
    Honestly, I don't see anything wrong with his body hair and I like where that scene is going a lot.

  3. Great stuff as always! I think the cyclops is fine. Keep it like that - it looks like a great scene. Is the dark-haired girl going to end up with a cyclops baby?

  4. Those scenes are looking a little too consensual for my tastes.
    Part of what I like about this world is that being fucked by monsters is a bad thing that'll make you an outcast, not something you do on a whim because you got bored or think beastmen are hot or whatever.

    1. Personally, I prefer it consensual.

    2. I prefer consensual in most types of porn, but in a "humans vs monsters constant war" fictional world like this, it's just annoying.

      "We must protect our civilization from being overrun by hordes of monsters! The future of humanity is at stake!"
      "teehee, I love big minotaur dick. oops, pregnant with orc babies. oh well."

      It would make the women come across as unlikable, vapid hedonists, in my opinion.