Saturday, April 16, 2016

Comics and Game update.

Coments and sugestions are Wellcome.

A sugestion for a cover for the game/bestiary.
Its a pastisch of the cover of the first AD&D
player book.

Vrock, a new monster.


  1. Your comic looks like it is coming along nicely! In order to spur participation in your RISUS RPG world, maybe you should have a contest for people to submit characters? i.e. submit a character (with stats, backstory, etc) and you'll illustrate the bast one and/or include him/her in the comic/world book?

  2. Also, could you update the link for your Monster Bestiary? It is telling me the file is no longer available.

  3. Test this

  4. Thanks! That does work! Still like pdfs better though, I find them easier to browse than g.e-hentai. But that link will work. I'm trying to come up with a good character for your world!

  5. Here is my character. If anyone wants to try the system out, send me a message!

    Mage 4
    Scholar 3
    Adventurer 3

    Villena is a mage and scholar dedicated to studying the ruins of Arkadia, and the treasures within. She is a beautiful young woman with pale skin and coal black hair. She is usually based out of the city of Exeden, though occasionally she ends up in other cities as trade requires.

    In order to fund her research, she often traffics in monster cum, as well as other monster parts. However, rather than submitting to the lustful desires of monsters, she typically uses her magic to defeat and extract the components she needs. Occasionally she’ll find a lost treasure, which also helps fund her activities.

    It is a dangerous game she plays. Villena knows that the odds suggest that sooner or later her luck will run out, she’ll be impregnated, and end up a monster breeder. In order to forestall this fate, she’s started communing with demons, hoping to learn the secrets of birth control. So far they have only given her temporary respite, requiring lengthy deals that offer her protection for only a limited amount of time.

    Villena is typically armed with a staff and dagger, and favors long flowing robes that protect her from the heat. Her favored schools of magic are perdition and transmutation. She is also skilled in finding and disabling traps and picking locks, which helps her when she combs through the ruins of Arkadia.

  6. Also, I've decided to try and host a play by email/blog game based on this system. More details can be found here:

  7. Thanks Orc Dominion. Fine blog.
    I will be away a week and after that make a new post about this.

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  9. (looks like there is no edit option on blogspot :( )
    longtime i havn't checked that blog and i'm impressed with the porgress of Yours.
    Anyway are there some sort of download links for the game or something a demo to come or ?
    Anyway hope You're doing fine and well i love Your Bestial Breed series ,maybe its not looking as good like other 3dx artists but hell You make it on Your own and You put a lot of effort in it.
    Take care and hope to see some awesome stuff of Yours soon :D
    I wonder if You're gonna make some awesome animation or a few renders with Your sexy redhead girl (not sure whats her name - that one in that awesome looking golden armor which was "raped" by tentacle monster). Wonder if You could make a bottomless session with her and something and could You please shave their pussies - Your character would look even sexier with it man. Oh and one more thing add a lot of creampies i'm sure everyone is gonna love it dude.

    take care !

  10. Thanks.
    At the moment I have lots to do in IRL.
    But I will be back.