Saturday, June 20, 2015

Line art WIP.

Here a line art WIP.
Suggestions and constructive critics are welcome.

Compare to the first paper sketch posted before.


  1. I like it, maybe you shoud add some text.

  2. Very cool! There's a lot of detail in it already and vast improvements since its first incarnation. I can easily see you penning whole comics if you keep working on pictures like it.

    I think the centerpiece of the picture depends on the woman's expression. Getting it to look as tired and worn-out as the rest of her body is will really nail it down. Her pupils look a little cat-like currently. But I must say that the lines on lots of those little beasties are awesome!

  3. Would like to see a video involving the frog-man, especially using its long tongue (in her mouth and in her pussy).