Friday, August 22, 2014


Hi! I have spend some time making fillers to have in empty space in the layout.
Suggestions and constructive critics are welcome.

PS, Anew VIP. Fertile ground.

Thanks Uh-Oh!
I have made much more pictures. And some text. Thanks for the help. 
I will proceed then I get back home from a trip.
The new picture (WIP) is from the fairy tale of princess Kirin. 
As you can se its have an happy end.


  1. Those look great, Rastakax! And look, just in time for an updated manuscript of your Bestial Breeding Monster Manual. Check your email.

  2. As for constructive criticism, the fertile ground photo is fantastic aesthetically and might be improved if the grey hairs only surrounded the beastman's pelic area as opposed to his inner thighs - as that pubis area looks great!

    Your filters look good too, and I would say add even more. Get one with that awesome inseminated womb you used in your last film, and maybe a few more environments and fertile designs.