Monday, June 30, 2014


I posted this picture on Hentai foundry some times ago.
And got it rejected for not having the quality. with no further explanation.
I was quite satisfied with it. can not understand what the picture are missing.
There are more pictures made from poser stuff.
Is the colour balance, lighting bad or are posing or expressions wrong?

New image update.


  1. I got this mesage. I ask here before the forum.

    Your picture #279756 ("Horny sky apes") was rejected by (A kode).

    The given reason(s) are: Sorry, but this piece does not meet our quality standards for submission. This is simply a notice to give you an idea as to why your image was rejected. For more detailed and specific advice and critique, please utilize our Constructive Critique forum.

    If you would like further assistance, please contact site staff with the submission ID number.

  2. They really don't like 3D rendered stuff on HF.
    I have the feeling they try to prevent new 3D artists from posting there.

  3. I think the picture is overall quite good! The action of it is readily apparent, the girl's expression and pose is particularly striking, and we can certainly figure out what her assailants are looking for with her!

    As a critique of minor details, the spear either looks like it is floating over the ground or on it with an odd shadow. I can't figure out what it is doing or where it came from. Maybe the heroine dropped it, or the apemen are throwing it? It isn't clear. Maybe a little more detail in the background buildings, like a simple texture or something, would make them look a little bit less rendered. The fur on the apemen and the details of her armor are wonderfully textured for instance, but those buildings are monocolor and look unfinished. They wouldn't need much to fit them well into the rest of the picture.

    I'd love to see what happens to our heroine once her assailants catch up with her!

  4. How about this?
    Better shadows, lights and atmosphere. And some texture improvements. She droped the spear and start running, if its not clear.
    Yes some 2d people do not like 3D. Special not poser or DAZ3d. But there are fullytank and some more 3d artists there. The clearly higher demands for 3d than for 2d.