Thursday, April 18, 2013

Rastakax temporal bestiary.

The render proceeds. I have also made a list, a bestiary with my monsters. Se the picture Some of them is still Work In Progress. Most of them are modified poser figures butt some is my DIY in C4d.. Are there some suggestions for changes, please tell me. Are there better names? Then the movie are finished I would make a "monster manual".

1. Beast men.
2. Beast lord. Lords of the beast men.
3. Centaur.
4. Aberration.
5. Cyclop
6. Beholder, ...? WIP
7. Caveer. Cave monster.
8. Carnivor bug.  WIP
9. Drakule, Batling. WIP
10. Gnoll, Hyenoid.
11. Carrion grub, Cadaver crawler.
12. Minotaur.
13. Ogre
14. Goblin
15. Giant spider WIP
16. Parasitic fly. WIP
17. Sledge
18. Rammer
19 Satyr WIP
20 Troglodyte.
21. Wolf man
22. Tentacle monsters.
23. Love bug. WIP
24. Sky ape WIP
25. Dragon WIP
26. Lizaroid WIP
27. Worm man WIP
28. Sluggoth WIP
29. Troll WIP


  1. Thanks for that !

    Very impressive update, indeed.
    Good to know that the work continues...

    Cheers, Jess

  2. What would the beholder be able to do to our heroine? I guess he could have a long, snake-like tongue or grow some extra appendages. I like most of the bugs (sluggoth #28 and love bug #23 most of all), as well as batling #9, worm man #27 and sky ape #24.

    Are you using ALL of these in the animations you're making, or are these just ideas you MIGHT use?

  3. I'm not using all of this monsters to my animations.
    Its good to make lots of them and choice the best one afterwards.

  4. One idea for a creature (I used this in one of my stories many years ago). Think of an eel or snake with several large balls (eggs) inside it--it would look like a string of pearls--which pushes itself into her pussy one ball at a time until it's completely inside her. Then it deposits those eggs in her womb and slides out thin like a normal snake.