Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New render and useless warning.

Here a render from the animations.

I see I forgot the usual warning/disclaimer how usual is find on virtual porn sites.
So here it is.

No virtual characters on this site are under 18 years old. But they may be under 18 virtual years.
No real rape was performed for make this stuff. Do not rape, its bad. Do not either murder, its bad to.
No real monsters occurs in this products. Actually there exist no really monsters.
Monsters are no animals. Do not fuck your pets.
No real unprotected sex was performed in this products. Not real characters, can not have real sex of any kind .
This site contains 100% pure fantasy. Sorry, 100% dirty fantasy.
But warning. This products contains real pixels.


  1. Thanks. And for the warning, too...


  2. Try

    Artist like Vaesark and Fullytank post their work, when Blogger make some problems. =)

  3. I gave this advice to Vaesark, but of all the artists I follow, you are probably the most in need of it. There are a couple of very cheap single board computers, the Raspberry Pi most notable among them, that can be hooked up in parallel in what we techies know as a Beowulf cluster. Running Linux and an external renderer such as Luxrender, you could have a fairly capable supercomputer that should play nice with your Cinema. Should cut your rendering time possibly by orders of magnitude.

  4. Thanks tibfulv! To do that requests more skills than I have.
    But I have collected pc parts to assemble a second computer.
    Not so fast as my main computer, but its allows me to make long renders not interfere with my daily use of computer.

  5. Sad that you cannot make use of the advice, though I am gratified you took my previous suggestion. Maybe when I assemble my own "supercomputer" I could lend you some time on it, or perhaps sell it on to you at cost, fully configured (though possibly mangled in the mail.) It shouldn't after all be all that much of a struggle; when one is configured, so are the rest.