Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Test movie.

          A test movie from the start of BB2.
          No sound. Comments are welcome.
          Look here or upload full quality..


  1. Love the camera-movements, makes the hole thing very atmospheric and movielike in my opinion.


  2. Yes, I agree: the camera work is great especially when you are walking alongside her.

    I'd suggest as you pan down at the start in the first scene, rather than moving straight at the door, drop it down in an arc then into the door close to eye level: you've got everything else at eye level as if we are there. Second, I found the transition to the map kind of jarring. You move in nicely to the girl then transition to her view. I think it would be better if you rotate the camera in and down when you get to her: that way there is more of an indication that you are transitioning to something on the table.

    Keep it up! looking forward to the rest.


  3. Wow! This looks really good! The lighting, the scenery and the girl (does she have a name?) all look great. As others have said, the camera moves are also an excellent touch.

  4. PS The gal standing at the bar is quite cute. Are
    we going to see her naked too, some day soon?!

  5. The girl? Maybe later. in this movie she only show up.

  6. Hey, cool.

    As I said, I was hoping to see her some day, and maybe in the next movie after the current one in progress could start right at the BB-Inn, too.

    One more thing concerning this. I just happen to notice the preview-pic on the right side of the blog:

    Any chance of posting it (and others as well) in a bigger version?! Would be great, if it isn't to much trouble.

    However, keep up the GOOD work.

    Cheers, Jess

  7. Looks very promising, keep it up! :)
    I bet you learn lots from this, i am a bit jealous i must admit...

  8. The animation looks great and really works as a setup :) I am excited to see what you eventually come up with !!