Saturday, October 9, 2010

Proceedings of BB2.

The works proceed. My computer problems is solved. Only problem is Starcraft2 who take much time from animation work.
There are one thing more. If possible, I want some help from a girl. For the sound.
Its maybe an unrealistic hope. I want a few phrases recorded for using in BB3.
Its a free movie so I can not give payment. But if there are any girl out there how wants to help me, I'm will be grateful. Your artist name can be on the fore text at the movie.
The quality on the recording must not be perfect or stereo. Its may be good with a simple computer microphone and standard computer recording. The files would be WAV or MP3.
No dirty talk or sound is necessary.
If this sounds good pleas contact me on
If not I would do it with no speech.


  1. Hehe, I can see DP coming up, right ?!

    And concerning your search for a speaker, unfortunately I am not a gal. There goes my chance of getting in the movies!


  2. I hope the DP is either mouth and pussy or two in the pussy. The one thing which turned me off with Svarog's work was all the anal.

  3. DP? Pleas explain. I'm to innocents for understand that.
    Don't worry. I'm not an anal fan myself. And they can not get her pregnant from the anal.

  4. I hope you find the help you need Rastakax. This seems very promising!

  5. DP is the abbreviation for Double Penetration, and means usually that a gal is getting it both in ass & pussy at the same time. Seems that I was on the wrong track...

  6. Can you post the dialog list you need??? I'll be happy to check my library of sources and see if I have anything you can use, and of course to ask around!

  7. Here are the phrases.
    I have not special high demand on the quality on acting. But it must sound lots more better than the text to speech software, If some one makes this with female voice I'm will be glad. But She must know that it is for a dirty movie.

    Dragon ... fire!
    Exult, happy voice.
    In same way as Lina shout "Fire ball!" in the anime Slayers.

    Ooh! The dirty male pigs.
    Happy, ironical voice.

    An minotaur!
    surprised voice.

    An ogre!
    surprised voice. For a coming refresh of BB1.

    You got that you needed.
    Happy mockery voice.

    Here it is.
    Happy voice.


    Yes I'm.

    Its right.


    Sad voice.

    Scared voice.

    You! ... I se what happened to you.
    surprised voice.

    Such a abominable, disgusting thing.
    Disgust voice. For a coming refresh of BB1.

    Com one! I'm ready.
    Happy voice.

    I think I Keep it.
    Thoughtful voice.

    Fucking unfuckebel undeads!
    Angry voice.
    If this f-world is not good, this can be leave out.
    But it is a dirty movie.

    Wonder what is the father?
    Wondering soft voice.
    In this case I think "what" is better than "who". Is there a better sentence?

    There are some more, more dirty things. But its not so necessary.

  8. *g* This sounds mighty promising, indeed.


  9. I'll chat with my friends and see if I can come up with these for you :)

  10. Thanks. Its would be wonderful.

  11. Great work, always like to swing by and check on your progress! ^_^

  12. I am also checking in every day for updates. I don't want Rastakax to rush it, because I want the videos to be great, but at the same time I am anxious to see them.

  13. Hmmm, yes I am one of the regular visitors, too. And I have said it before, I don't expect the work to be finished the day before yesterday, but a small update, maybe even a preview would make waiting far more pleasant.

    Cheers, Jess