Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bestial Breed 1.3

Its here now. 21Mb flv. 3.33min. Thanks for the help.
It became not so long as I thought. Lots of details shod be fixed but I have to determine to stop. Else its will newer be ready.
The movie is free. You can give it away but not sell it.


  1. Wheee, that's nasty stuff!

    Was really worth the wait. I like the very explicite PENETRATION and the cum running out of her ruff muff afterwards. And now that she is free again, I hope that our little heroine will go out and find some new monter-mates.

    Cheers, Jess

  2. that's should have been an huge amount of work...
    loved the scene with the ogre!

    thanks for sharing Rastakax!

  3. This is amazing, I enjoyed every second of it... but specially the first sex scene with the bug-worm. Also the fluids effects are very cool :b

    Excellent work!

  4. For some reason none of the links are working

  5. Is works for me. Test this one.

  6. FANTASTIC -- very much worth the wait. I tried your R/S download initially but it was on a temp link - pulled it down via Mega, but I re-uploaded it for you at Rapidshare - here's the permanent link.

    THANKS again for the fanastic work!